My Open Dairy

[N] Slurpee

[N] The Missing Tree
[N] I have faith
[N] I'm looking into it
[N] Is it True?
[N] Starry Night
[N] New Story
[w] Working in Fotokem

[w] Time Fades
[P] X'mas
[P] Mister Potato Fiesta
[w] Drag my way up
[N] SilverFlame Band
[w] Twelve Days Left
[N] Ankle Sprain
[N] Punished by Door
[w] 38th
[w] 35th PreStress Concrete
[w] 33rd Dr Jeffery Came
[w] 32nd Day
[w] 31st Day
[N] New Preferred Name
[w] 30th Day: Rudeness
[w] 29th Day: Boldness
[N] Doggy Hair
[w] 26th Day
[N] 24th Day
[P] Brother Farewell
[w] Eighteenth Day of Work
[w] Seventh Day of Work
[C] Tennis Tournament
[N] Levi's Glasses
[w] Sixteenth Day of Work
[w] Fifteenth Day of Work
[B] How to get discount for work
[w] Fourteenth Day of Work
[w] Thirteenth Day of Work
[N] The Event
[w] Tenth Day of Work
[w] Nineth Day of Work
[P] One Thing that Never
[w] Eighth Day of Work
[w] Seventh Day of Work
[w] Sixth Day of Work
[w] Fifth Day of Work
[w] Fourth Day of Work
[w] Third Day of Work
[w] Second Day of Work
[w] First Day of Work
[N] Short Cut To Site
[N] Industrial Training At U-Thant
[N] Sing to the Max
[N] Port Klang Visit
[N] After Finals
[C] Welcome Back
[E] Thank God
[E] Water and Electric
[P] Wai Wai Birthday
[N] Life with Stress
[N] Circle
[A] Fluid 2 Assignment
[7] Aquaria
[S] Adidas
[N] Spring Event
[w] Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival
[P] Jessy Birthday
[w] Sungai Wang
[N] Green Building Talk
[N] Fluid Practical
[N] One Step Higher
[N] Traced by Old Friend
[C] Build and Break Competition
[N] Sports Carnival Update
[N] Rosie
[7] Friendship
[N] I love to crap
[N] Machine Hunt
[N] Ear Diary
[N] Condemn
[w] Money Place
[N] I Own a Laptop
[N] Geotechnical Lab
[N] Night Assignment
[N] Blind Robot Competition
[N] Resume Day
[N] Accident
[N] Class in School
[w] Hazy Day
[w] Working with Irene
[N] Teacher Training Course
[N] New Semester
[N] Album is Here
[N] Whole Day Bored to Death
[N] Today
[w] First Timer for Jcard Day
[N] Half Day Ipoh Trip
[w] Working In Ipoh
[N] Golden Inheritance
[N] Going to Ipoh
[N] My first Nuffnang Cheque
[N] I cut my Hair
[N] It's Been Awhile
[N] Move Forward
[N] Wish me luck
[N] Study Moral
[N] G3 to Genting (Final)
[N] Trail and Error
[N] Firefly
[N] G3 Plays Whole Day
[N] G3 to Genting (Part.2)
[N] New Rubik Family Members
[N] G3 to Genting
[N] Fail to Access Internet
[N] Telephone Restaurant
[N] Cinema Day in KLCC
[N] Stuck in KL Sentral
[S] Inter-Utar Tennis Tournament
[N] New Room
[N] Graphic Card Warranty
[N] Sentosa Bah Kut Teh
[N] Pendidikan Moral Presentation
[N] Environmental Science Yawn
[N] Cut My Hair
[P] Hui Min's Birthday
[N] A Shock from Nuffnang
[N] Modem Upgrade
[N] Sieve Analysis & Dono What Cube Test
[N] Changing My Templete
[N] Doing House Chore Today
[A] PM Assignment Done
[C] Church Prize Giving Day
[N] He Is Back!
[N] Should I Call It A Day
[w] My Valentine's Day with Japanese
[P] Kok Sheng Spring Birthday Celebration
[N] My Sis Came Back from Japan
[N] Blood Donation Day
[P] New Year Gathering & Mom's Birthday
[P] First Day of Chinese New Year
[P] Chinese New Year Eve
[w] Part Time while Studying
[N] 2nd Week Class
[w] Chinese New Year Approaching
[N] My Lecture Class
[N] Seoblogreview
[N] Fullhouse - NuiZeXui
[N] Old Album
[P] 5th Uncle Birthday
[N] How I End My 2008

[T] Singapore Trip (Final)
[T] Singapore Trip (Part.3)
[T] Singapore Trip (Part.2)
[T] Singapore Trip (Part.1)
[F] Comic Fiesta at Sunway Pyramid
[w] Woking in One Utama
[N] I'm AllMalaysian Blogger
[N] Haircut Today
[N] Christmas Exchange Gift
[w] Working In Jusco
[C] Junior Youth Bible Camp
[N] Today's Time
[F] Grandma Funeral
[P] Birthday + Wedding Day
[N] Japanese Language Exam is Approaching
[w] Working in One Utama Jusco
[T] Bali Trip (Final)
[T] Bali Trip (Part.4)
[T] Bali Trip (Part.3)
[T] Bali Trip (Part.2)
[T] Bali Trip (Part.1)
[N] Just Came Back
[N] Suddenly Friday
[N] Tennis Coach By Mistake
[P] Steamboat instead of Cake
[P] Grandma birthday
[N] Friends and Cousins
[N] Carrom competition
[w] The curse of Taman Maluri
[N] Hippo holidays and KFC
[N] Bright smile; Dark Complain
[w] Nikon Diary
[N] Everyday of our life
[N] Clinic Diary
[N] Side Effect of Little Genting.html
[N] Little Genting
[N] 2x2 Rubik's Cube
[w] Last day working Levis
[w] First day working+Sore Throat
[N] First Day Being Coached
[N] Blogging no Camera
[N] 4x4 Rubik's Cube
[P] Ah Mah's birthday
[E] The semester ends with...
[E] The noisiest invigilator
[E] Golden Dot during exam
[N] My sis to Japan
[E] This world is so unfair
[E] Late Late Late
[E] Memorizing Sentence
[E] My feeling after second paper Down
[E] The midnight after one paper Down
[E] One paper down
[N] Matter of Time
[N] Nearly lost my wallet
[N] Sports Wanted
[N] Second shock in blogging's life
[N] Success is when you try
[N] Home New Addicted Game: Rubik's Cube
[N] Government Tax
[N] Merdeka! Merdeka!!!
[N] First shock in blogging's life
[N] Rush Hour
[N] Melati Utama
[N] My younger sis is going to Japan


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