Sentosa Bah Kut Teh

Today is kind of 'swt' day for me. With friends planning to have a Bah Kut Teh breaksecond (comes after the word 'breakfast' because it was late morning), me and YeeLin went lost in an unknown residential area. She was not sure of the place neither do I. Anyway, we were driving individually and I was tracing her car. Oh not hers, her fiance's, Eugene.
Together with her boyfriend, she brought me circling the round-a-bout twice. Then three point turn twice. Wow, petrol killing =P This picture above was taken while I was driving specially for blogging. Lol... Indeed, I was trying to dig my own grave.
Upon reaching the destination, I attempted to snap for my blog again and...

Kenneth: Ah Ye (This is how they address me)~ I know you want to blog again lor... Honey (LiPeng), Ah Ye is a person who blog very frequent. If you read his blog, you can basically know my lifestyle since me and Ah Ye are staying together. Then, we don't have to contact through phone regularly just to ask about how I was doing in Melati lor.
LiPeng: Is it? Then I must check if he got blog something about me^^
Me: Swt...

If you take notice, Kiat Boon (middle one) posed. I actually snapped twice and I see him facing an angle to the camera. Lol... He was grinning when I told him about it.
LiPeng and her roommate. This was our first met. I don't know much about her ^^
Wow! Bah Kut Teh!! and Dry Bah Kut Teh is my favorite!!! Yum Yum...


Yee Lin said...

Wei you took the pic when i went toilet!
Sien lah. Kenot see my face. >.<

P/s: Your posts grow really fast! LOL

leo7_lion said...

Use your own camera lar... Lol

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