Graphic card Warranty

Guess what? My graphic card got cancer and I didn't know that they bought themselves 3 years insurance instead of 1. I killed 2 pieces just because of unknowing. Blame the salesperson who never teach us about this when we were buying. Anyway, it was kind of process until I found it out. Argh!! Okay, no more nonsense.

Basically, I travelled to PJ digital mall to send this hardware which was under warranty. They didn't even test my graphic card before receiving it. I guess cases like this is very common.
Em... They were receiving it without any murmur. In fact, I was helping them to spam time since they were so free. You know, hanging with 10 working hours without anything to do is extremely terrifying.
Service charge for hardware which was bought more than 1 year = RM30. Ish!! Money eater!! Anyway, this guy was conversing using English initially, then he suddenly switch tongue to Malay. Lol... "Malay lebih senanglar" he said. It's anyway fine with me since I can handle more languages than he could imagine. Whahaha~
Now they are Photostatting the receipt. Indeed, receipt helps a lot for redeeming the warranty rights. Lesson: keep receipts at all time until you chuck your items.
Yeah! I'm done! A brand new graphic card is on the way~ New? Yup! Usually, they'll just exchange it for a new one to simplify their work. Old piece... Haiz, time to say goodbye =.=
I don't understand this Malaysia Book of Records stuff. What record are they holding?

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