Lecturer Playing Truant

My class was 1.00p.m to 3.00p.m today. A sad... Em... I think I should consider it a 'happy' incident occurred. In fact, I don't really pay attention listening in class. My lecturer (as stated above) went to the laboratory without notifying us, assisting Nottingham University Students in their project. =.= Bias... It was then found out by one of our friends, and we rushed to protest XD Basically, their project is Vandalism. I'm right with my point. As you can see, above is a beam meant for them to DESTROY!! I'm joking over here, they were indeed destroying things that were constructed by people XD
First, why are they here? I heard people saying that their University doesn't has this facility thus they came all the way here just for the purpose of using it. For your information, although Utar has this great facility but we are not allowed to use it. Stupid right? But this is the Utar world that you can't deny. Everyone crossed their arms disagreeing with what was happening. Nah~ That's what I say only...
Anyway, I missed the bus this morning. It just went passed me. Swt. Back to main topic, I was soon bored and I started snapping. Left is DanChoo, middle HuiXing and right is me.
YaChie and Sam were standing on top of the chairs so that they are high enough to preach gospel. "We have to save our environment!!" Haha!
Once machine was turned on, the beam started to receive load. I felt so pity for beam which born to be killed just like that. T.T
See! It was cracking! Still that's not the finishing point. They wanted to apply further load!
And this is the end of the beam. Broken... Why you guys so cruel?
By the way, my best friend YiZhong has done a pleasant job today. He "taught" Nottingham students in completing their task instead of lecturers themselves. Wow! All lecturers can go back Kampung (country) liao...
We are proud of you! My solute!!


Xjion89 said...

Ur class seems ultra cool. Oh, btw, whre r u studying?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

For Civil Engineering, I see there are many females in your class.

leo7_lion said...

Is true, 10% are female^^

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