Kitten Garden

Ever since I was addicted to blogging, I've been 'fusing' myself with camera. Still, I’m not into those SLR cameras but an ordinary phone camera will do =P Hm… Let’s see the reasons that trigger me to blog non-stop :-

Praises from readers ^^b
Comforts from blogosphere friends ^^v
Improvements in my conversation skill ^^9
Etc XD

A picture of you smiling back at me ^^ Often people commented me posting fast. Em... It's that a compliment? I hope they are =) And thinking positive is by the way important for us as a human too~ We live to laugh, laugh to work, work to earn, earn to enjoy, enjoy to peace... [Phrase quoted from corneliusllw... Haha]

One cooling evening, as me and my housemate walked to dinner. We saw something cute...
The scenery! Got ya! At the beginning, the world is beautiful made by God (I believe in God). Then human tries to improved it with their effort, wisdom and knowledge. Somehow... The existence of some selfish humans who think only for themselves and being ignorance to the environment destroy our gorgeous planet. Thus for us who support WWF, what should we do? Lights off for 1 hour at 28 march 2009 =)

Okay, I know you're looking for Kittie... Here you go~ I found them straying around at my current condo garden. They so playful and innocent.
This Kittie was playing with the hole next to it.
This Kittie was chasing passerby like us.
They are both brother and sister (I suppose)

Here are some funny Kitty Videos for you^^

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