Telipon Restaurant

Well, here we are in Telipon Restaurant, the Buffet Style Restaurant. It was a sudden plan that we visited here to feast~ Talking about sudden plan, Richard was always the King. Yet together with TeckWei, they became Plan Canceling Kings =) Nevertheless, these 'Kings' status had seems to fade nowadays when we say 'Talk yet no action taken is a waste of time, energy, and space.'

This is the restaurant. Everything is old including the name board, roof, floor, lights, toilets, bosses and waiters =) Yeah! We are in an ancient restaurant!!
I guess we were a little early for the feast. The restaurant has not opened yet.
Thus we waited long and long~ Wind blow and we slept.
MeiNgor suddenly arise saying 'Peace' to you ^^v and finally...
The feast has began! Look at those foods, Yummy Yummy. I love their curry chicken the most! Sweet, juicy and spicy.
Luring you, readers. Hehehe... Hungry d? Eat lor!!
MeiNgor, Serene and KokYong.WeiHao, HueiXing and KaiShen.KaiShen (again), Richard and TeckWei.Serene and YiZhong. Aiyo, terrible.

I feel like eating again after posting this XD Anyway, it costs RM21.80 per head.


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ahhhhh!! The all-you-can-eat buffet/steamboat at Talipon!!! :)

It's so cheap and famous.

leo7_lion said...

That's right, eat all you can^^

Lisa717 said...

adui~~ make me hungry too la bro!!! anyway, nez time if u wanna eat such buffet..i gt a place to recommend too..which is in Sunway..not the "Yuen" restaurant bt the 1 opposite it..i forgt the name adi..if i found out the name will let u knw again ya~

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! variety of foods and looks yummy...
that makes me hungry huh! ^_^

leo7_lion said...

I know sunway there got buffet got 1 quiet nice 1 also^^ But I hvn been there since I started blogging XD

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