Rubbish and Food

I hope you all had get used to my friends^^ They are bunch of "gila-gila" people XD Above are MeiNgor and TeckWei doing the concrete cube test. Actually, this test is about vandalism where we were to destroy concrete and to make rubbish =P
See, rubbish is made! And these cubes are not to be recycled or reused. They will be thrown straight to the dam. Wasted right? What to do? Civil Engineering Students have to run these practical instead of just knowing the theory =.= Sorry my dear Earth~
Meanwhile Joan, my another new friends gave me this mango. Where did she get it from? Buy? Definitely not~ After our cube test practical, we bunch of "gila-gila" went for a badminton game. Outside the badminton hall, there is a mango tree planted by unknown fellow. Guess what? She plucked some, two for herself, one for me, one for Serene. Hehehehe...
Very sweet Mango^^ Thz Joan! I took half an hour to finish it to fully enjoy its fragrance and taste.
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