Blogging? No camera...

Trip? Not quiet.
We do have one initially
As my friends are good in planning trip
Schedule for the whole journey prepared,
Man head counted,
What is left is when to cancel the plan

Feel so demotivated today,
Maybe by reading blogs and posting blog can help.

I understand that not everyday has the same day.
But there are some days having the same day.
Means...~Repeated, Boring, Sian Diao~

So I surf the net, post a blog.
However, without a camera...
Nothing much can be done.
The fact is,
The only usable camera that I had been taken by my sis to Japan.
And what left is the unworkable one.

Battery can't be recharged.

This picture was taken using my video cam.
The quality is okay but the image taken is in long format.
Editing work is very troublesome.

Ai~What to do?
Nothing but only working on getting a new camera...=.=

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