Primary Girl School

This happened a few years back in primary girl school in a small town. A girl prefect was found fainted in the washroom. When she awoke, the teachers asked if she wants to apply leave for being sick. She immediately nodded her head. She was in fear. She didn't want to speak any further.

Now the true story begins when she began to speak...


In school, there was an abandon washroom ever since new washroom has been constructed. Its existence was ignored for years. That day when she was in a peak, she ran towards the new washroom from class where she'll eventually saw this abandon one. 'They are just the same' Without much consideration, she ran into it for her businesses.

'The lights are on...No problem...
A little spooky won't scare me off...

As usual, she washed her hands after she's done. When she looked into the mirror, a female student who is much younger than her stood behind her as she was waiting to use the basin too.

'Weird, I never thought there would be someone else using this washroom. Maybe she's just new here.
She doesn't have her school badge on her pinafore.'

From the mirror, she advised that student to prepare the school badge as soon as possible.


"Why aren't you replying me something?"


She was fast frustrated with the silence and turned herself to the student.
The student was without her lower part of the body...


Sometimes, they are not the same.

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