Melati Utama information

One year plus ago, me and my housemates moved into this area.
What we could said at that very moment is that
this place is splendid!

Beautiful scenery from front and back...
5 stars rated toilets and rooms...
Nice swimming pool with two golden lions splitting water... (can be used for back massaging)
It was almost an ideal place to dwell in

but... The only problem is...

There was not enough food stall at the 'early season',
as our condo was just newly constructed.
So we had to go to the another condo which is just next to ours for dining.

Then, everyone was like asking why don't we chose to stay at genting instead.
To me, I don't know...
I just followed my friends as we had made an agreement to stay together before that and my friend chose here.

Thank god MU did improved a lot in the matter of foods as day goes by.
As expected, the foods are very expensive compared to genting klang.

We see food shops increasing semester by semester.
But what is weird is that the price of the foods are increasing too!!

Recently, we heard rumors that there will be a food court here in the future.
Just hoping that the foods sold will not be as expensive then...

Actually, we can addressed MU condo as mini earth as there are varieties of human races here staying together with us.
Both students and the employees.
There are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Negros, The White(Not really English), Ninjas etc.
Thus, if anyone wish to travel just to see the culture of different races,
then I would just had to suggest you to stay here for your vacation. (Cheaper)
You'll share the same lift with them...
Same swimming pool with them...
And same 'breath' with them...(Like Hell)

Most importantly,
We live in peace.

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