24th Day

Allow me to share my life working as a trainee nowadays once again. Currently, I'm working in a lonely office which it faces four sides walls. It was said that I could do anything I want but in fact, there is nothing for me to do =.= Previously, I was indeed high demanded. Now, it makes me feel like applying only Saturday leave is not sufficient to break my boredom XD

Who wants to be bored huh? I bet no one, even towards those whom seldom speak. Thus, we must bring ourselves to approach in order to be lonely no more. Right?

Here are MahSerene and WeiSoon.
KhaiShen and Susan. Sometimes, we have dinner together^^
~!I Love Dinner with them!~

Again I asked myself, is entering construction industry a mistake for me for I've no interest of getting either dark or dusted? Can this place brings me joy?... Haha! Nothing is impossible if I wanted to! Even to the sense of bringing the death back to life which Jesus had done it! (Oh, I'm too much~) XD I'm the only trainee here, but I'll never be alone with my God and colleagues^^

Check out what had I done today.
I'm made myself a carpet =P Haha! It does feels better without shoes on. These news paper were in fact collected by me for one of my colleague every morning. They are accumulating and one day I'll have to dispose them. Thus before it was eradicated, I killed 'two birds with one stone'. (Meaning: achieve double the benefit with single action)
This is my pity shoes. The officer promised to prepare me safety boots yet I've not seen them up until now =.= swt!

Let's see how's my site going.
They are starting the plastering =)
I wish I could try it but I just want to plaster a small area or portion=P
Scaffolding was done after one of the worker was nearly killed.
These are steel bars which hide inside concrete. By the way, Site Engineer asked me to study steel structure for I need to work with him under roof design =.= I have to take part? Gosh! I hope it won't collapse then. Hahahaha!!!


Felix said...

Next time try recycled office paper as your carpet, you dont want to dirt your white sox with newspaper! Good luck with your work! and watch out for those iron bars... looks kind of dangerous...

leo7_lion said...

Yalo yalo, I never thought of that^^ Haha, THanks!

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