No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Everyone love games. You know it, and I knew that^^ Games converge mankind and they are also motivating. But what about a game which we could win something instead of just what I'd mentioned? As far as I had concern, Mister Potato...
Right, I have to show you a sample of it before I could proceed =P

Mister Potato is running a contest whereby a simple game of 8-stages to be competed. The top 3 winners will win the following prizes:

1st : RM
2nd: RM
3rd: RM

Heh, something missing? Indeed it is! I hope this got your attention because Mister Potato is giving Cash Prizes to the winners! And do you have any idea how much are they? In the values of 5, 3, 2 with each carrying three zeros behind them. Means that it goes RM5000 for the first, RM3000 for the second and RM2000 for the third.

With this sum of money, even the third prize is satisfying huh~

It always worth a try with a visit to which you will come to the page below. A sign of welcome^^
Register it? And this is how the game goes like-

1st stage: Harvest good potato
2nd stage: Answer simple questions about flavouring
3rd stage: Chop potato
4th stage: Pack Potato
5th stage: Check the crunchiness
6th stage: Potato Touring
7th stage: Laugh like Potato

Easy huh~ I suggest you try it^^ Something missing again?

You're right, the 8th stage. The 8th stage is even more simple. All you have to do is to snap yourself with the best look which alike to Mister Potato himself and upload it.

Remember, this is how Mister Potato looks like.Not like below
Hm... Why choose Mister Potato? I don't need a reason =) It is simply the best chips that everyone know. Who don't know Mister Potato? I bet everyone know it and love it like I do. Haha~ So let's enjoy all series of Mister Potato with 'Crunchiness that never hides'~
Good Point^^ Now Let's play the Game!

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