Have you ever thought of setting up a Virtual Private Network? Here are the five reason that you should consider of getting one.

1. Ability to remote access any PC using your favorite remote screen software like Remote Desktop Connection, UltraVNC, etc.
2. Ability to remotely open shared drives directly from Windows Explorer or map remote shares on your local computer.
3. Ability to open documents directly from within your applications (such as Microsoft Word or Excel), even if you’re away from the office
4. Take your music & movies with you. Play your files directly from your remote computer.
5. Ability to print local documents on your remote printer.

I hereby quote some of the testimonies from different individual that proven WebPoint VPN useful.

Is Remote access only for Geeks?
I hate nothing more than being away from my home office and finding I’ve left a critical spreadsheet or document half way around the country.
Sure, I can get it emailed but that just wastes time and if the file’s too big odds are it gets rejected.

I’ve been a ‘road warrior’ for 5 years now and though I’m not highly technical I’ve tried a number of remote access solutions to overcome ‘on the move file sharing’. I’ve tested Google Docs, but this requires that Google hosts all your files, so it’s not really a great solution as most of my images and docs are stored locally. Both GoToMeeting and Citrix work, but they’re pricey and cumbersome to use.

WebPoint VPN has an odd name but it’s hands down the easiest Remote Access app I’ve ever used. I signed up for the free trial, installed the software on my home pc and within 20 minutes I was able to access my home network.
It works perfectly with Vista & Windows 7, which is very cool! It’s also got a great feature that it enables you to access any other connected pc in your network.
You can run applications, like Citrix, but it’s faster and definitely easier to connect.
You can even remote connect via the web. One caveat – it doesn’t play well with Mac.
Telecommuting just became easier with Remote Access by WebPoint.

Oh wow, I’m a happy camper! After months of testing different applications to access my files on my office pc while I’m out I finally found WebPoint VPN.
It’s hands down the easiest application I’ve ever found - took me under 20 minutes to download and configure the Remote Access Network – no funny protocols / VPN settings or anything else – it just worked out of the box.
Now I can access every pc on my network securely remotely, run applications, upload and download files and even telecommute.

I’m Free of the Office! Hooray for WebPoint!
I’m a pretty cool boss, but it bothers me that with so many employees on the road we can’t even keep our pricelists synched, let alone collaborate on sales numbers or other data.

I’ve tried high end collaboration tools, but they’re expensive to deploy and often take so much training that it’s just not viable in our company. That’s until I tried WebPoint VPN by Vedivi. I took the free trial and within 30 minutes I’d downloaded and set up the VPN for remote access.

It’s frankly amazing. I’m not sure how exactly it connects, but it does and it allows secure access to keep all the prying eyes out. Basically you install the software on one pc in the network and it’ll discover all the other machines and servers in your network.

You log on via the WebPoint website, which then creates a secure connection between your remote PC and the Network.
Best of all, it actually uses your Windows authentication on your remote pc to connect to the network, so you can control access to data and servers!

Finally, an easy Virtual Private Network!
VPN’s just sound expensive to deploy. I outsource my networking to a specialist, but was taken aback by the price point when I requested VPN access to our network.
I found we needed to upgrade the firewall, buy new licenses for our Exchange Server and set up dedicated VPN usernames for each user.
We did all of this and then found that half the time the VPN service would go down right in the middle of something and you’d be kicked out.

That’s when I stumbled across WebPoint by Vedivi. No high-ticket price, setup fees or slow connections! I simply installed the free software on my office PC and within 20 minutes I was able to remotely connect to my PC from outside the network.
Basically, it bypasses all the usual VPN mumbo-jumbo and creates a tunnel to the WebPoint site. You log in on the site with a username and password and the software creates a secure channel between your PC’s. I even found that I could browse all the PC’s in my office – very cool indeed.


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