Brother Farewell

Where is my brother going? Hm... Penang!~ Haha, although this is not his first time leaving us but I insisted him to treat us since he got promoted =P Will he be leaving for long? No idea but it would greatly depends on his next advancement. By the way, he just gave me another 4GB pendrive for I had again carelessly lost the previous one XD

So we went for seafood and allow me to show you guys some of the pictures that I'd taken about the soon-become-food.
There is abundance of animal and I love animal^^ They taste great! Haha~ Just Kidding...
Scotland Rozar Clam
Ireland Roe Crab
Africa Abalone
Japanese Live Snail
Canada Oyster
Tiger Grouper etc

Now I would like to introduce my family members whom I rarely portray their pictures in my blog.
Sis Bro Mom

Now is time for food but I'm lazy to introduce one by one so let the pictures speak ok? =P
Tempting right? Hehe~ It would be nice to consume them without having limit of stomach fullness^^ Somehow, we almost fail to fit in the last dish. Ish! But the GeoDuck is awesome!!! So as the price XD

Like Irene said, this meal is going to give my brother a bomb but I think it's okay once a while =D Money is meant to exchange with some happiness, not to be kept inside the box for thousand years.

It's been a long time since we last snapped family photos. Too bad younger sister was not around but she is enjoying better food in Japan. She eats original Japanese food, we eat imitation =.=
Elder sis is grinning, said "Let's go to Japan!"Mom and me "Okay! let's go!"Dad asked, "You want sponsor us?"
Immediately elder sis turned and said "Eat! Wahaha!"My expression when I'm full.Then is time to crap a little~And we are professional, inherited by our ancestor, the power of crapping...
Nevertheless, our craps always comply with useful information. This is our way of communication that makes it our pattern. Haha XD

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