Haagen Dazs with Family

Let the story begin =D We went to collect points for our HaagenDazs membership yesterday. Actually, I have no idea how they run the points system and in fact I'm still not the one eligible to pay for it =P My duty here is just to consume and shot.
Right, I'm promoting Haagen Dazs. Melt the Coco~
Their ice-cream is not like any of those usual one. They are somehow sticky, creamy and healthy~ But one thing bad is that, the scoops are extremely small =.=
Dad was snapping us when we busily choosing our preferred flavor.
Elder Sis said it would be better if we choose chocolate with chips^^
Photo snapping is wonderful. It is the best method for family to spin time meanwhile worthwhile.
Here comes the ice-cream! Brownie Explosion! But so tiny the explosion XD Hahaha....
However, its taste is splendid! Wanna take a bite? Open your mouth~ Arrrr...
Its only a few scoops, we can easily finish it^^
So there is always a thought of ordering more~
Let's do it! Order more!

Now, all we have to do is refer back to its menu. Gosh! I'm so fair under the lighting in this pic XD In fact, I have already darken =.=
Here comes the another order. Some people claim that eating ice-cream will turn us fat. Is it true? I've no idea XD Haha... Who cares?
We want desert!!
Oh, finish again... How?
Let's ask for more^^

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BooNMiNG said...

whoa~~~ haagen dazzs!!! lol.. super expensive lor.. haha

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