I’ve discover a new search engine which it works better in downloading file or else. By the way, how do you find Google or Yahoo? Informative aren’t they? Rapid4me.com rapidshare works the same way. To be precise, it goes into more specific where we do not have to surf site by site to download a single file, video or music. By simply inputting the title of files, all download sources are shown directly as the result. Thus, it saves time and effort. It was in fact created to ease the search on rapidshare. As heard, millions of people have already experience it and they find it pleasant to use Rapidshare Search Engine.


e l d y said...

I have my own trick bro :

consider u wan to find a song to download.. u sure will find the song name right ? but the name of the song is anyway in the web..

my trick (eg) :
u try to search 'Though my window' with 'mediafire' .. then c wat come out ..

then u just need to click on the 1st result, after tat just 1 more click required to download the file ^@^ ~

N/A said...

I think that Files Bay is best of one-click-hosting search engines. I often use rapidshare search engine and torrent search engine of Files Bay.

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