Sieve Analysis & Dono what Cube Test

Our task today is to cast concretes like the picture shown below. Our main goal that means~

Before I start, allow me to introduce HeePin, the long lost blogger. According to him, he was away for a skim called 'Kiam Pui' (On Diet). He has success anyway =) Look at how thin he has become!
Sieve Analysis, but I call it the noise maker. Thanks to it, our laboratory was filled with noise of machine. This is my combined experiment group. All look like small kids^^ but they are actually 20++
To start Sieve Analysis, we first have to collect 1kg of coarse aggregate or you can call them 'stones'...
Well you see, this is what Civil Engineers do, hands on things which are forbidden when we were young. Lol...
I wander what our parents think when they see this. Usually, we sweep away all this rubbish at home but now we collect them bare handed =.=
1kg? Good!

Experiment is troublesome, somehow it's fun too. Hereby, we need collect two of these stones as we were to get the average of the measurement.
This girl MeiNgor is very noisy. As noisy as the machine. But people commented that I'm noisier than her =P Not true!
Anyway, time to massage the stones but this time Ogawa massage machine is not introduced. Because everyone will be snatching for the seat.
And here it is... we are introducing this machine to you today~ Super Duper Shaker!
Its effect is much more greater than Ogawa that you might die sitting on it =P
After the massaging process, KokSheng separated the stones (aggregates) according to their sizes.
It is like doing nasi lemak (a kind of malaysian food)
Then, we weighed them again. Note that this machine is very sensitive. If you stand on it to weigh yourself, you'll be shocked to death to see so many digits.
Stop listening to my nonsense. We will pour the 'kuih-muih' (cakes) onto the weigh machine now.
Some 'kuih' (cakes) might just stuck at the mesh so Bring Them Down!! Em~ This is what we call sieve analysis~ Easy right? Let's continue with part.2~
Picture of Peter is getting pails.
BoonLeong taking pails =)
Aik?! Who's chicken legs is this? KokYong's lar... Lol~
What should we do then? Gather 10kg big stone and 5kg small stone.
It must be prefect! No more no less! Additional feather also 'mampus' (die).
Grain collected, work proceeded.
This part is really tiring. It is somehow like doing gym. Guy's work~
But this girl say: I can one lar~ You don't believe, I'll show you. Let's take a closer look.
She wants to prove that man and women are equal =P Strong~
Before entering this field, I have a concept that Civil Engineers are commanders that order workers to work only. But I was wrong.
We must be slaved before we can slave.
Still, we are lazy to do what we should.
Why? Because we are 'sian diao' (Bored).
Well, human usually intend to do the opposite of what we were been instructed.
TaDa! Slump Test success! Sand Tower or Cement Tower~
Hm... Checking and checking... He said 'Good! You may cast the concrete now.'
Yeah! Success is the result of effort! Effort?... Hm... Change! Success it the result of Determination!
Loving couple~ Cepat Kahwin sudahlah (Get go married!)
I will help announced their ceremony! Even the deaf could hear =D
Successful slump test is not the finish point actually. We need to cast concrete some more.
We pour that mud into these moulds and leave it for 28 days. The result will be exactly like the first picture I'd shown you earlier.
Okay, work done! We will meet again 28 days later... Bye Bye~

!!Hold On!!!

Allow me to spam more here. Few days back before, there was a case of student disrespecting lecturer in our lecture hall.
He asked the lecturer to speak using mike meanwhile writing the solutions on board. But how could the lecturer actually do that with such a short wired mike? Writing while holding a mike is not an easy task neither.
Then he was soon unsatisfied. He walked out of the lecture hall using the front door instead of back doors for everyone to see him leaving.
I don't what to say about him but some people say:
He got balls!
I amazed him!
He's so childish!
His otak bermasalah (Brain Damaged)


enhenyero said...

Interesting post here, during my time, we repeated thrice the slump test! We were graded based on the strength of the cube after test.

leo7_lion said...

That's Fun^^ But somehow it's kinda tiring =P

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