Rain is Bad

Currently, I'm in my 26th day of industrial training. Yesterday, I was soaked in rain when I was on my way back =.+ The mood was bad and I feel like killing... But too bad I am not allowed to do that XD Wanna see my soaked face? Here you go~Actually, the main irritating matter is not the rain, but it became a catalyst that makes my mood worse. The good luck sense is still there but I'm being emotional.

Apart from matter above, allow me to show you my site engineer who was not in charge of supervising me yet giving me task to handle of. In fact, I don't have a personal supervisor. I supervising them =P
He and his new car
This car is extremely important
Because it takes me out almost everyday =P
After finishing one month of training, I still remain talkative and kepoh'chee. Or else, I will not get him to snap with me^^ See~

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