Bali - Traditional Dance, Painting

Traditional Dance
Well, Let's proceed to the second day. We were brought to a theater to watch the Bali's Traditional Dance. This is the 'ting ting ting' Orchestra
Don't you think that this picture was taken in a most prefect and beautiful angle? It seems like we're granted VIP seats to enjoy the show. But I was wrong...
Why? Ting~
In fact, this crowded area was the true VIP seats. All performances were focused on their site. Ish!
The Lion Dance. This is very different from the Chinese style. They emphasize more on the decoration than the performance. Thus, it's pretty but not hot~ Chinese Lion Hotter!! =)
I don't know what dance is this, they're dancing with their fingers only... Starting ending same thing. Hypnotizing I suppose..Hah!
This is the picture projecting that we thought our seats were the VIP's.
In fact, it was just a huge disappointment. =.=
After the performance, my sister and I were so daring to enter to their backstage just to take pictures of their lions. Truly, no one enter there beside us. I was plucking the lion's teeth!~

After the theater, we went to their painting shop. You can call it factory too as painting skills are demonstrated and made on spot.
This is Batik(Cloth Painting). It takes days to complete a single peice.
This job is usually done by ladies in their world but in our world, men do the job =(
Familiar? It is exactly the same as the Chinese one.
These are my Pom Pom! Yeah!
Not silk okay?
Another lady doing the Batik. A kid was observing it.
Eh? What is this man doing over here? Destroying the Batik? Oh no~ He was producing another type of painting. Let's enter to the product area. Meaning: shopping!~ Spend! Spend! Spend!
Bali is not as cheap as you think when you visit to the tourist area. This T-shirt alone cost RM 90.
Mat is not cheap neither. Anyway, we have the exact products back in Malaysia =)
More on Batik in Lali Lazap things. Not cheap~ Hm.. Not Cheap~
Here we are in the Plate Painting area. It was a room filled with colours.
Is this Art? Yeah~ Nice combination of colours.
The left summer, the right winter. I wonder if they really meet a penguin before when they draw them.
I like this one. It really needs skill to produce such a fine work.
More more and more of paintings. Never ending pictures.
Walk until we tired our legs. But still, it would be a waste if we don't finish the journey.
Hah! This one I can draw also... Low rate...Hahaha~
This is another painting....Does this bird looks alive?
That's it for today. Gotta sleep. Tomorrow working. I'll continue the lower part next day.

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liping said...

tht thing is not lion some kind of sacred animal called Barong..n the finger dance called Legong..juz study in the sub i took haha..tht dance very cacat leh..haha..

dezz said...

WOW! your pictures here were amazing! I am inlove with these kind of stuff. It's familiar to me because when I was a kid I remember it has a certain group in our place sponsored women to do this kind of thing. It is very interesting as I recall in my younger years.
I wish I could experience the same thing as you do in BALI, by looking all the pics you had here make me jump into the plane to visit BALI hehee..
take care friend, and have a nice day..
these were my two blogs:


niar said...

hi lion,
come back to see your trip pict again...
yeah like liping said it's Barong not Lion, but it's seems like Chinese lion. I remember that I ever go to the place that you show above. and I think I have a similar opinion with you that sometimes Bali is not cheap for foreigner. But, if you want to buy cheap ones, please do not buy in those galleries, just try at a traditional market, or outside the galleries which provide many of handicraft. do you believe that I bought a pair of beautiful picture is 90.000 rupiah per pair?
but do not forget to bargain the merchant

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