Bali - Volcano, Coffee and Temple

Let's move on to the third part of my trip~
Same day as part.2

Bali Volcano
This is a 'must' location to visit when you go Bali. On top of the mountain, it was cooling and refreshing. Plus the nice scenery that we have.

Can you see the dark clouds behind us? Well, it seems like it was going to rain. But thanks to those clouds that we have a nice shade.

This is a live Volcano. Last eruption was 1997 and people are still living under it for the sake of fertile land.

Beautiful landscape huh~ This is what we call Mother Earth.

Of course, we were to enjoy the scenery somewhere far~ Approaching the Volcano is something impossible.

Let see when will it erupts again. I'm sure there will be a big news then.

This area, giant ants can be found. And they looked poisonous, not really friendly type.

The blossomed flower which were eye catching can also be seen.

This is the picture along the road(Double lane) of the site.

Feeling the gentle breeze and smiling at you~

If one day the Volcano erupted, would that thing be destroyed?

Maybe too far that the lava won't reach it.

This place is so familiar that I thought I've seen it somewhere in the movie The Lord of the Ring. Eleven Forest maybe...

Agent told us that there is a better place we could have a better view. So we traveled.

Here we are! Back is the large lake. I'm not sure if it is a sea...

I think is should be a Lake. Why don't you judge from the picture...

Now, here is the agent's trick. A place where the people irritated us so much with their goods. Maybe he was intended to help his country but in fact what they have were just the same as what we have in our own country. What for to spend?

These people are very persistent and superb!! From 3 badges for RM10 to 11 badges for RM 10. And they chase after you even you're in your car.

Coffee Farm
On our way to the farm, we saw women carrying somethings on their heads. Those were sacrifices to their God.

No wander their necks so short. Always need to carry tons of thing~ Haha

Meanwhile, men were doing orchestra. I still don't get the melody even though it was repeated many times. Weird...

This is the symbol of a dragon where the cage is the dragon mouth. They offered sacrifices to the dragon mouth.

Since they have no Internet like us, they hang a lot with the people in the village. Chit-chatting and stuffs.

Finally we've reached the destination. This mother was cooking the coffee manually. Not robots and mechines involved.

What are these? Har~ This the world famous coffee which are made by...

Musang Shit!!! Oh no!!! How come?

However, I can't refuse to admit that it was tasty. Really really tasty.

Why I took this picture? Towards Hokkien people -> "BO KA SHI" =.=

Anyway after visiting the farm, we went to their temples. I can't recall what name they were but they are tourist attractions. If I'm not mistaken, one was Gajah Temple and the other one underground temple.

First, the Gajah temple.

It was raining when we were visiting them. See, mushrooms were blossoming everywhere. Colourful mushrooms. ^^

This place has a hot spring, the water source. They believed that it was sent by their God to save their soldiers from thirst during the war at the ancient age. Now they say that the water has the abilities to heal skin diseases and overcome nightmares.

Here is the source. Never ending water supply. Algae were everywhere to beautify the pond.

Next, the underground temple, was once destroyed by the volcano eruption but now rebuilt.

These are the 'statues' remained after the eruption. For me, are they just stones? Hm~ I don't know...

Here is the garden behind the temple. Nice~

Do you notice the huge stone next to me? It is the Buddha's head that was broken during the eruption.

Unlike the Gajah Temple, this temple was extremely quiet and empty. Very few people can be seen.

The funny sign: Enter and no entry.

Thus, my second day in Bali had came to its end. We must recharged ourselves for the next day trip. Same goes to our camera~

Unlike our country plug. They are 2-pinned.


Upon waiting for my sister to finish her bath. I snapped some pictures of myself.

Camwhore that was~ I like the lighting in the resort.

This is our camera(Video cam) that aids us in our trip~ Thx you^^

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TNH said...

WOW...that is really a nice must be very relaxing to visit such place...

Harmony said...

The giant ants are like .......

niar said...

visit you again just to see your Bali's photo collection

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehe the famous Indonesian blend of coffee.. Luwak or Lwark or something (can't remember its name). They are the world's most expensive coffee!

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