Bali - Rafting and Shopping

The third day of our trip.

Water Rafting
This is the main event of out trip, which my sister was so excited about. Here, we met no local people except for those who are working. Only English and Japanese here. At first, all the worker thought we're Japz too. Only when we talked to them with Bahasa Jawa, they surprised.

"Wow, Malaysian! Multi-languages human being!" This was how they reacted. In fact, knowing 5 languages is just a simple task to us. ^^

With our 'armors' on and we were preparing ourselves to take the task.
The stream was drifting fast. The noise of the water make us anxious.
We just can't wait to start but the worker has to prepare the tube first.
Meanwhile, I was taking to Japanese using Japanese+English as they wanted to try out using their own ability to speak English as well. This couple was not going to be in the same tube with us while rafting though.
Our companions was another Japanese couple who can't speak English at all. Along the stream, I was translating Jawa from the guide to Japanese for them. Cool huh~ haha
This couple was our companions. They both looked super young but they were actually 30. Very surprising. It was fun talking to them and we can see them happy knowing us can comunicate with them.
I wonder why that guy has to smile like so wide each time we snapped. Is this Japz calture?
The water was as cold as frozen ice, but the sun was at hot as burning flame. Big contrast~
We were not the only one rafting here. They were plenty groups doing the same thing as we did.
The stream took 2 hours to finish, 10km stream. At the finishing point, we make a flipped over just like banana boat. Fun~
Thus, we all went wet and wet.
Initially, I planned to get a contact method either by e-mail or blog. But out of my expectation, they went into different transport due to different schedule that we have later on. Wasted. I mean we all came to raft together in the same transport at the beginning but not during the ending.
This was what we can see on our journey leaving.

After rafting, we went to explore the streets. Vehicles were all over Bali causing a great air pollution. =.=
This was the cleanest street we have found. Thus I took a picture here.
Have you ever heard about Booming in Bali? Well, this is the monument~ Names of those who has sacrificed. Those boomers think that they are smart but in fact they are bringing their country economy down. Just like what happen in Thailand. Whose fault? Their own citizen fault.
This is just a simple design in front of the monument.
The mark at the middle of the road is where the booming take place.
They sent a car like this and triggered the boom! Was that it? I simply say~
They are having the mark here as remembrance of the dead.
This empty land was last time a pub. The boom destroyed the building.
Along the street, there were buildings named Circle K, which is exactly the same as our 7 eleven. Just that the name is different.
And also Mini Mart, which is liken to our 99 market. Lot and lots of them.
After a few hours walk, we decided to have our dinner. This is the place, creepy restorant!
They really Kiam Siap on lightings, in fact every restaurant are like that.
I can see that they're trying to make it more like a pub, don't they worry the boomers will come again?
Sip! Sip! Sip!
Let us eat. Enjoy our delicious food from Bali.
Hm~ Scrumptious!
Their meals are certainly huge, always worth eating you see~

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Rashid said...

wow.. you really are having a great time huh? good for you.. :P

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