Bali - Beach and Clouds

In the evening, we went to the shore to enjoy the view and sunset.

This place opposite our resort is always filled with people. Many activities can be seen.

You can see people resting,

Foot Balling,

Even the plane was flying~

Sand is always the best spot to have our foot prints.

What is this baby doing? Hahaha...

It was hard to take this picture due to this guy kept on falling every 3 second on board.

Beautiful right?

Let's smile~

What's this? New movie poster? Sea Lady~

I'm sure you won't know what's this. Crocodile attacking!!

Colour the wind and sky~




Fourth Day
This was our last day here in Bali. Since we have some left over money, we decided to shop around.

Bali does not has a round-a-bout. But they have triangle-a-bout. Geng!

We found that mall is always the best place to spend safe. There, no bargain is needed and no cheating occurs. For those who planned to go Bali, buy your needs in the mall~

After explore the 'World', we were finally back to resort to get ready ourselves for the returning flight.

No people ever know that there was actually a waiting behind the reception counter beside us. Cool~ We enjoyed the air-con room ourselves.

This place was really clean and tidy.
Even comics were provided for us to read ^^

Not long after, the agent arrived and that was the end of our Bali trip. Let me share with you some pictures of amazing cloud.

Thanks for reading my posts~ May you all enjoy your day too...


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beruk-kunyuk said...

nice trip to bali, isn't it?
hup u'll come again l8er

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