Bali Trip

~I'm back~
[4 days 3 nights trip]
[19th - 22th nov]

!!Check out what's life!!

Let's flash back to the beginning,
About aircraft, certainly Air Asia in the list. Who will go for MAS which is much more expensive? Moreover, 3 hours flight is just liken to 3 matches of DOTAs~

[I'll go by chapters]
..Easier for my to write..

-Air Asia-
If you have heard of it, Air Asia is very famous with their Nasi Lemak. Some people say "You're a fool for not trying their Nasi Lemak!" Well, let's see what's the great deal here. From the menu, scrumptious...

Then before my eyes,
This is really surprising

When we're in the sky, definitely clouds are surrounding us. Unfortunately, I forgot to capture some of the colours. Until the time we bang into Bali boundary, I started to snapped.
-I love this-
I wonder why some of the clouds are so low at the mountainous area unlike the rest which are on high.

-Seafood Dinner-
We didn't go straight to our resort upon reaching, instead the Agent brought us to our seafood dinner which was supposed to be in the next day. Reason of changes? No idea~

We were told that it was a candlelight dinner. And I was imagining those western candlelight dinner where a Triton liked candle would be on our table plus in an air-con room. Mana tau~
It's Lantern Festival...Yeah~

I'm not sure if this was better or worse than my expectation, we were dining at the beach. I like their idea but at the same time mine. Stupid right? =P
Since it's an open air dinner, it would be better if rain pours. Why? Special memory, special diary. What's more funny is to see the Agent's apology for changing our schedule. Hah~ *evil? nolar, fun~
This is me drinking an alcoholic fruit juice, welcome drink. Tasted terrible but I can still preserved that smile~
As I mentioned before, this is not my honey moon trip but a birthday gift from my sister. And this is her.
Is this a welcome drink to? Well, it looks like sup~ Actually, this for hand washing. I wonder if there are people who drank them by mistake. Haha~ Let's zoom out!
Here is our big pot of rice!! The basket is just nice for growing plant =.= Anyway, let's zoom out further.
Our main food~ My absolutely Seafood and your absolutely Seefood! I must admit that they are certainly scrumptious!
If we're happy we'll give out big smile. Are you smilling like we did right now? If you don't, see below...
I'll splash the rice on you! Let your house be snow~ Snow that can fill your stomach!
Finish eating, light's off... See, only one light remains. So materialistic~ T.T

-Harris Resort-
The resort that we occupied. According to the Agent, all buildings here were built not more that 4 stories high. Too prevent earthquake I suppose...
Lobby is always the most beatiful station in a resort. Got attracted?
People mountain people sea. That's what you see right?

This is our room

You know what? I've never been to a resort that doesn't provide toothbrush, toothpaste and comb. This was my first time experience that in fact, we didn't bring ours neither. *swt Luckily they still provide towels and shampoos...
This is a clue for daily tooth's needs hunt,
So daring~

Basically, this is my first night at Bali(trailer)...More interesting stories to come, I have to go PJ now...Bye bye~



niar said...

Hi, nice to know your Bali trip photo...
btw, I dont know where is Harris resort, I always stayed in Kuta. as long as I stayed In Bali, the hotel indeed never provide toothbrush and toothpaste , just shampoo and soap. Maybe it's different with your country. But I hope you can enjoy your journey in Indonesia land ^-^...your photo make me remember with my past trip several month ago..
hope one day I can turn to go to Malaysia ^-^

r_fun said...

i'm niar's classmate
nice to visit bali
I want to
but having no time right now
U have to get it by ur self (toothpaste)
nice to visit ur nice blog..

dezz said...

WOW! Amazing pics here!
The husband said, Bali is a great place. He's been there few times.

devianty said...

hiii..nice to visit your blog...nice

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