38th: This is too much

I was helping my construction manager to draw a simple plan for tile arrangement. I did not expect anything in return for doing what I suppose to but... The tile sales person came and paid me 50 bucks for that simple drawing!! I was like "Huh?!"

Actually, it was kind of embarrassing. That tile sales person saw me reading comic at my panel because I was not fast enough to hide it =P I know not what to do thus I just smiled. (It was by luck that I did not play online Dota unlike usual XD Haha!!)

To think back, it seems like I'm having too much of myself. Neglecting the fact that I couldn't be punctual for work since I own no vehicle, I started to request for an day off every week^^ In addition, I operate MSN, facebook and streaming movie in office. Then, I began to wear slippers to site before carrying my headset for Dota games XD

Still, I learned a lot during my work and worked a lot =D Believe me, my industrial training report is going to be as thick as a reference book.

By the way, the tile sales person did asked me "how much" before paying me. I "Huh?" before he withdraw that 50 bucks. I should have ask for more ~.~Meanwhile, everyone carries an umbrella today^^ Good luck sign? But my site engineer fell into the drain =.= Pity him...

^^Work and play makes me gay^^
(gay means happy, please don't misunderstand the meaning)


Angel said...

lol.. at least you got some cash out of it.. :P

HitoMi^^ said...

Haha, 50bucks...worth to be gaying of with

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