Dota - Lanaya, Templar Assassin Guide

This hero not easy to control yet strong if you can do it. Never bind her at one spot while hiding but get her something to move her instead.

Learn Psi Blades(3rd skill) to lengthen your attack range. Focus Meld(2nd skill) which able to assist you in killing. If you are used to Refraction(1st skill), it is actually a great skill. Nevertheless, Psi Blades is always the main concern because short range fails your Meld skill. Ultimate, Psionic Trap helps in chasing a hero.

The main dissadvantage of this hero is that, she cannot stay invisible in Meld once she moves. This means that enemy can predicts where she is and cast AOE skills on her. Hence, she must get a Lothar Edge for escaping while she is in Meld mode. You can buy Butterfly or Buriza later on to increase her damage.

This hero is strong but without properly invisibility, she is definitely weak. [Back to Menu]

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