Resume Day

Hoho~ Guess what are we doing? We're lettering a resume for our future internship training^^ But I guess this is something redundant since I'd already a confirmed company. Lol..

Somehow, my University wants us to be bind by their weirdly procedure =.= They disallowed us to seek for our own favored company meanwhile applying them. All they wanted us to do is to shake our leg and wave ^.^~ for they will be applying according to our three preferences stated along with our resume submitted. So called, guiding us to independent huh?

Here is a special case for Mechanical Engineering Students. Indeed, the academic adviser told them not to do anything initially. However, when one of my friends came to contact the companies for internship confirmation, the answer replied was

"We don't give internship..."


Then, they told their academic adviser and guess what their adviser reacted~

"Don't trust the company list that we gave you."

Oh my gosh! I don't wish to complain this but they were telling the opposite of what they had just told. They should have the responsibility do better than that. At least, they should allow us to look for our own preferred company meanwhile applying them from the start. Em~

This is MeiNgor in picture~

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