Green Building Talk

My group of friends was forced to attend a talk by Dr. Lai last Wednesday XD Btw, this day was the day that I first play squash with Peter and YiZhong then dwell with YiZhong. Also I found squash is fun^^

Let's proceed to the main content of this post~
In this talk, they are delivering speech about getting our building green. How? According to them, we are future engineers and we are supposed to enlighten the importance of Green Building.
So what is this Green Building? Basically, it is a building that is designed to cut cost, cut energy wasted and cut all electricity (Joking XD). They do have their concept about Green Building but...
The audience is somehow a mistake for we still have 2 years to go and I believe many things will change in the next 2 years when we graduated, we'll be derided for out-dated information. Plus, we are very forgetful XD (or I should say "I") Who knows how long can this knowledge last? They should aim those the final year students instead.
For some people, they were doing their homework during the speech.
Some really jot down everything.
Some play handphone. Eh? Isn't that person lecturer? Hahaha....
Anyway, everyone was waiting for this slide to come =P

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