Thai Food Fare

I wonder if you guys know Klang Parade, it is kind a small shopping mall in Klang just opposite my house. (Oh! I gave myself away~ Nevermind...Cause I don't think you will hunt me XD)

There is Thai Food Fare in Klang Parade and I pay a visit today. Em... Thailand huh? I never been to Thailand but I believe it is a great country. Their foot massaging is upmost famous. (Oh! I'm off the track~ I should talk about this Thai Food Fare instead XD)

Very well, let's begin....

I entered the platform and there are booths selling Thai Traditional Food. Although what they have there are likely to what we have here in Malaysia such as Tomyam etc, somehow they are... rather expensive =P Ah! There is a dish that we do not have, Mango Rice~
This is the booth for drinks and deserts: Laici, Orange, Leongan, Otak-otak, Pandan Chicken~
This is the Mango Rice booth =D
This is the Tomyam booth.
That's all^^ And they got no customer other than me and Dad =P Do you guys notice that people nowadays started to have McDonald for lunch? Hm~
This is Mango Rice, not really suitable for me. It's sticky and sweet, too sweet.
Here is Otak-otak. Otak-otak is combination of fishes, prawn, jellyfish, fish etc. This is delicious, I like it^^

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