X'mas made my Day - Preparation (Part1)

Before I start, I would like to express my topmost gratitude to ChingYong who lead me into his fun day. It was the X'mas Gift Exchange Celebration which I declared not to celebrate it as the birthday of Christ, but the meet-day of friends XD Indeed, everyone focuses on the gifts by friends nowadays, and never did Jesus asked us to celebrate his birth since God is never bounded by time =D Haha~

Together with me is ChingYong, my non-blood-related brother^^ Actually, I do called his parents "Father and Mother" for he is definitely more than a best friend XD It is a grace to know him in my life.
As you can see here, we were preparing foods for our feast. In fact, celebrating a festival is best by own organized party which it may brings forth warmness in everyone's heart^^
Aiks! It seems that both man and woman have equal work for food unlike the past XD Still, my mind was willing to pick up the task but my body was reluctant. Haha~
In many cases that I'd heard, good man is the most pitiful creature in present world. Besides earning hard, they have to do house chores meanwhile serve the living for the application of 3C (Car, Cash & CreditCard) can no longer satisfy woman's heart XD Of course, this is not referring to all woman in the world. There are still a lot who are kind-hearted^^ Thus we always pray someone who love us for who we are, not what we have =P Hehe~
^^Behold, this is what the world supposed to be^^
-Work together to enjoy life happiness-

~Tang Tang Tang Tang~
We made ourselves the Kitchen Warriors

Do you notice what I'm carrying behind?

It is the Blade I used to cop 'QingChou'

Aiks! I'm in candid camera!

To be continue... Meal Time

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