X'mas made my Day - Meal Time (Part2)

It is never a surprise to have mountainous foods conquering our table when we shout "Party!" It is never not enough but too much to fill them in to our digesting bags. In this day, we shun not the evil processed foods XD
Apparently, these foods are undeniably tempting.
^^It is always too good to crush them^^
And it seems we were unintentionally promoting steamboat. Haha~ Meanwhile, I must thank God for pouring the rain which has made the atmosphere perfectly suitable for hot boiling water. Well, everyone knows steamboat is best for colder environment^^
Do you realize how tempting the foods are when we anxiously snapped this picture?
Even by posting this had made me feel hungry XD
Okay, let's get everything started^^
By the way, the correct way of handling chopsticks is as shown above. I do realized that no many people understand the true way to use it and not many people wants to learn it as well =.=
Now, meal time is ready!
And I got stomachache after eating them =P
ChingYong faced the same situation as well although he is happily consuming them at this early stage XD Haha~
I'm in candid camera again!

To be continue... Gift Exchange

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