X'mas made my Day - Gift Drawing (Part3)

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This is the climax of the whole event. It determines who get the biggest or the funniest gift XD Initially, I thought I was the one biggest sponsor among them but not until someone bit me with the most creative idea^^
If you do notice, there is a RM50 note among the gifts. It swiftly became our focus of the game. Hence due to this attractive violet paper, everyone crack their heads to think of a fair and square competition =D
There were suggestions and suggestions create noise^^ Haha~
Finally, we decided to host a 'lucky guess' contest. In this contest, no one knows what prize he/she will received but the string of luck will determines the owner of each gifts.
Each host will think of a number of audience to guess. The one who guess it correctly will win a number which was randomly matched the prize. At this state, number owner does not know their prize still =)

~Thus everyone remains hopping for the note~
Until the game ended, we revealed the prizes

In the end, the RM50 is not mine T.T sniff~

-Extra Expression upon receiving the gifts-

In depression, the rest of us unwrap the cover XD Haha~
!It looks like someone got himself a shit!
It is a funny scene
Someone get himself a Calender
It says you can do it^^
Someone got a Christmas Lamp
Handmade photo frame
A glass material Chess Set
Behold, the sponsor of shit
Let's see what I got

To be continue... Genting visit

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