X'mas made my Day - Genting (Part4)

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This part, we opened the door of winter season. Indeed, Genting Highland is much cooler than where we were. In such temperature, everyone snapped and snapped. You can see that I'd changed my fashion but I've admit that almost all parts my clothes and shoes are actually belongs to ChingYong =P
The camera man yelled "Closer! closer!" But in fact, there was more spaces than what was told.
The most left is the one fetching us up. He drifted like... Wow~
A game comparable to Roll Coaster
Me, Ching Yong and his Girlfriend
Where is WeiKhang?
This whole event couldn't be prefect without 'em


naomi en said...

the last picture..the guy at left hand side..is your friend ar?

leo7_lion said...

yea, chong fai..
You know him also?

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