Sungai Wang

I went to work at Sungai Wang last Thursday straight after my morning test. Actually, it was the day Woody pass away and else. Upon entering Fotokem, JooYen rang me. "Wanna go for Karaoke? We'll come to pick you up^^" She generously invited. Certainly, I would be on their track if Cathy didn't force me to work XD Haiz~

Once again I sighed... I was so ill-fated as I’m the only one working in the interim of them playing next door, time square. In fact, I was expecting them to pay me a visit. Later, I learn the reason of 'why they didn't' is again, conflict rose. Guess who set it up? Anyway, I missed this episode.

After working hour, when it was time to return home, HanJian rang me "Wanna go back? We'll wait for you here~" Har?! My gosh!! I didn't know that they actually stay back and I was at lrt station already. I couldn't afford them to wait for me for another 20minutes to run back could I? Although it was what I really wanted to… Who knows I might cause inconvenience? We should think and care about those who think and care about us, shouldn't we?

Maybe I was destined to be like this, I met TiongBun after waving a goodbye text to HanJian. He asked me to guide him on electrical assignment and I'm glad that I could do some help but first I need a dinner. Thus, he fetched me with his bike and I got my dinner in 'blacked-out' D-mamak XD

All in all, I sold two pieces of cameras. Remarkable =D

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