A shock from Nuffnang

Readers from oversea might not know about Nuffnang. Well, it's a Blog Advertising Community and I kinda love it. Somehow, it gave me a shock recently. I was trying to cash out my first cheque and they sent me an e-mail saying my request was rejected!
What is the main reason of this rejection? According to e-mail above, I'd made a profile mistake during registration. I keyed in incomplete Payee Name instead XD...Whiew~ But normally why would a community ask for surname when they already have a full name next? Thus during the registration, I keyed in 'surname' and automatically ignored the 'Full Name' statement below it. So solve this problem, I contacted Nuffnang.
'No Worries' They said. So I guess I'll have to wait for their further instruction.
Amazingly, their next e-mail arrived within 24 hours. Cool huh~ Well, I did according to their need and same goes to them doing according to my need =)
Oh no... I feel like I'm loving Nuffnang more now =P

P.S: For nuffnangers, have you made the same mistake as I did? Check your profile now!! Peace =)


Yatz said...

the reason they need the payee's full name is because without the full name, you cannot bank-in the cheque that you gonna receive..

dorayen said...

so now you only have to sit and wait for the cheque nia lor hor?
nice day!

leo7_lion said...

Yeah I know... But this first cheque very little money nia lol... Just to try if the cheque can be sent safely. If bigger sum send wrong plc then I die liao...lol

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