Fluid Practical

It was an unfortunate morning when I suffered the pain of excessive sports.
Someone rang me up, saying…


I was shocked for instant and I was about to say “Wrong number...”

“你知道今天我们有fluid practical吗?”
(Do you know that we are having fluid practical this morning?)


Oh My Gosh! I’m Late!!!

In the end, I was late for 1 hour =.=
Nevertheless, I'm not the only one who was late,
MeiNgor and AhTat were too...

Basically, this experiment is to pollute the sound =) Notice that huge amplifier? And that girl was sitting in front of the speaker being our test specimen~
Ah, I'm just kidding. This device is actually an air-cleaner. It captures the air from one end before the air could be cleaned and being released to the other end. The girl was enjoying the clear air~
I joked again XD Hahaha... This device is not an amplifier nor air-cleaner. It is just an usual fan where it helps us to study air flow in various situations.
These tubes over here are helping us to measure the pressure different.

To be frank, I contribute nothing into this practical actually^^ Hehe... I snapped pictures and nothing other than that. I could have slept longer =D

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