New Room

Things will change as time passes. Right? Well, this post is about changing my room interior design which had been 5x30=150 days since the last inspiration. The moment of truth, KokYong (My roommate) and Kenneth (My housemate) went to Ikea, and saw an affordable bed frame (RM199). Their shopaholic devils then tackled them to buy one each without considering the weight of carrying them up to 16 floors. Swt...
Constructing the first frame was a white rat test. Somehow, KokYong wants Kenneth to have it because he knew that it wouldn't turn out to be nice. Likewise to our Japanese tables (mine and him) few months ago...
After much trials and errors done to the first structure, he will only then made himself another 'perfect' one. So bad =.= Hehe...
This is how completed frame looks like. Simple and Nice. And I believe you can get one anytime =) By the way, I wonder if they ponder about the extra burden of moving them two years later after we graduate. Aside from being heavy and large, their hometown houses doesn't need a bed frame anyway.
-right and left-
Above is the 'after change' picture of my room. Haha, still messy =P I was not able to snap the 'before' picture for comparison as KokYong shifted everything out of the origin when I was away. Sad~ With tricks applied, I conquered 2/3 of the whole room! Nah, it's a payback for breaking "me+KokYong" contract.
Anyway, both our PC casing backsides are facing my seat, and it was terrible when they start to fart upon awakening (turned on). Global Warming...
My PC set! Graphic Card still in hospital though...

Monitor: "GCard darling, please come back to me~"
Mouse: "Maybe you should just marry again, there is no guarantee that he will return anyway."
Keyboard: "Choi! Touch wood! Eh? I didn't realise that we are touching wood at all time."
Monitor: "GCard darling is my only beloved, I want no other than her."
Mouse: "Yea right, when our owner adopt another new GCard, you'll still accept her anyway~"
Monitor: "..."
Keyboard: "Touch wood again?"

These comics are my dream-sitter. They sing me lullaby every night until I get to sleep. Good choir ^^b
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