Types of CPM in Nuffnang

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My CPM ads unit seems to appear rather weak nowadays. Is this normal? Based on what I'd known, a CPM ads unit is supposed to serve until it completes its time allocation for example 2 weeks. Thus I was curious as if they are running different CPM ads. I e-mailed an enquiry asking for enlightenment and they replied.

CPM has time allocation. mCPM (metered CPM) campaign is running till your blog finish serving the number of uniques the advertisers bought from your blog. Once your blog finish serving the number of uniques, the earnings will be credited to your Current Earnings. Hope my explanation helps you.

I felt 'swt' when I reading it... Is the explanation is not clear enough? or I'm confused by myself. If they were to write it the way below, I would had understand better.

Usually, we see CPM ads running days and nights without quiting. What we earn depends on the number of Average Unique visitors we received until the campaign is finished. Whereas for mCPM ads, it runs until it collects sufficient amount of Unique visitors per day, less regard on where readers are from too. Nuffnang usually runs mCPM campaign in common blogs. Thus the best way to differentiate them is when Nuffnang sends us a notification mail telling us a CPM (Usually alcoholic ads) is going to run in given weeks rather than running without informing us.

Right? The above definition is written by myself after some researches done =)


Heartburn Acid Reflux Cure said...

It's hard to make money from Nuffnang. The ads is too big but the earning so small. Total ripoff.

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leo7_lion said...

I think the problem lies within the number of bloggers in Nuffnang. More bloggers more competitors =)

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