The Noisiest Invigilator

Today's paper: Soil Mechanics

I never know that an invigilator can be so 'tai sai' making so much noise when the exam is in progress.

Being an invigilator is not 'tai sai'
but being an Old man + PhD holder + Ir. = 'tai sai'
Plus, he's the lecturer for this subject.
More qualified to 'tai sai'.
Complain him and you're doom.

People write what in the paper also wanna 'charp'.
People use graph paper to skatch also wanna 'charp'.
So 'zi charp'

Say this say that like he's conducting a lecture.
So urge to 'bising' why not tell us the answer straight so that we can
'on sam' listen to what you wanna say meh. Haiz~
'bising' till the end of the exam.
Some more don't want to add time.

'Sat pai' for a highly educated old man who does not understand what is meaning of EXAM

End of story,

let me introduce soild mechanics.

The Knowledge of dealing with dirty soil.

Don't 'Iyer~' first...
I haven't finished...

Not long ago, there is an experiment called the soil compaction that we must use bare hands to mixed the dirt with water.
Like 'cai min fan'

Bare hand lo...
Not with that tool over there.
Bare HAnd!!
Now can 'Aiyer' d~

Okay la, quiet fun.
'It ls like when young, mom did not allow us to play with dirt.
and now we have the chance...' (Boring)
Okay,okay, talk so much also no use.
I'm not the one who 'cai' the 'min fan'
For more information, pls refer to the internet.(Hahahaha)

One more paper to go~

(min fan= dough)

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