Levi's Glasses

Great News! The 4th achieve of My Top 5 Treat List is a success! It is Levis and I can see its stunning appearance strikes the sun^^ I mean I like it very much!

Okay, the truth is that it is not my own treat but someone did it for me. It is none other than my belated birthday present. In fact, my real birth date has passed few weeks ago =P Let's see if it suits me^^

What do you think? I lov'in it! Same goes from other comments. Indeed I have to thank him for levi's product is not merely item. What more if they are glasses which turn out to be further dear than jeans. I'm not going to announce its actual price as secret makes it remarkable XD All in all, I'm truly grateful.

Meanwhile, I have a feeling that I'm going receive continuous blessings in my coming years and decades. Since the day AFTER my previous birth-date, I've been extremely lucky. Before that, I was having a bad day. I truly brought misfortune to both my friends who were intended to celebrate for me and, myself during my own birthday. I felt so sorry for them. Perhaps, my birthday present from GOD is bestowed at the very end of the minute. A surprise gift huh~ In addition, I do sense that they who were with me shall receive little gift from GOD soon. Let's wait and see^^

Next is about the 5th in My Top 5 Treat List. My bunch of crazy friends are now planning for a trip for the beginning of coming year. There are 2 bunch of friends in which, one is The Utarian and another is Team7. Wow! I can't wait for the 5th achieve to be succeeded also. I'm going to be crazy in traveling for a month. Lately, I've been experiencing the love of GOD^^ Thank God! I will try my best to show my gratitude!

I wonder if the 1st, 2nd and 3rd achieves can be success as well XD Maybe they would be~ In future, there might be a castle done and an underwater city built by Ir. Cornelius Leo Elendil^^ Who knows? Not forgetting about the laptop anyway^^

My Top 5 Treat List, Read and Comment it^^


Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

hey im using a levi's glasses too!!


crazywrazy said...

Awesome levi's glasses. Is it a trend now?

leo7_lion said...

Personally, I do think levi's glasses are trendy, CrazyWrazy. Very elegant^^ Right Weng Lian? =D Haha~

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