My Top 5 Treat List

If you guys want me to list out my Top 5 Treat List, the flow would be like this in reverse order:

5. Spend a month-length time holiday traveling with my bunch of crazy friends. You see guys, destination is not the matter of fun but the companions is the one who plays the role of joy. We can be in Tokyo or Hawaii, but with someone you don't like to hang out with, your holiday is like Hell. We can be stuck in an unknown island, but with someone we love, our critical life became as in paradise. (Read Extra '3 Nov' Update^^ Achieving...)

4. Buy myself the most expensive spectacles. Why is this in number 4? Hehe... Impression is important. Being a male, we don't put make up I suppose but we rely much on wax or glasses. Personally, I don't practice waxing on my hair but I do wear glasses for nothing. In my opinion, spectacles make a person looks smarter and cool~ (Read Extra '31 Oct' Update^^ Achieved!!)

3. Get a castle for mom and dad. I love my parents and I want them to enjoy everything possible. Talking about castle, it should be able to contain any possible object or space for example garden, gym, library, swimming pool etc. Of course I'm going to stay with them as I believe the best wish a mother can hope for is the company of her own son meanwhile a father will be looking forward for a successful me =P

2. Constructing an underwater world. I'm currently studying as a civil engineer, I have a wish that I could do something extraordinary that is to handle special projects such as this. I love challenges and challenges make a person breaking through his own limit.

1... Stop day dreaming and be factual to myself! Haha... Actually the above four are achievable but somehow, what I'm lacking of is time and money =P Funny huh but what's wrong with that? Everyone can dream~

Okay, my top 1 is receiving Dell Inspiron 13 for posting this. Why do I say so? This is not something imaginary as indeed Nuffnang is somehow going to get this laptop for us. Neither do I know why I should be receiving this gift but my family and I are Dell Supporter especially my father =P He's been praising Dell ever since we got our mini10 but that mini10 was taken by my elder brother and I'm very envy of him. I want this Inspiron 13!

By the way, do you guys find any interest in Dell Inspiron 13? Let's shake some butts for the specs demonstration.

(Alpine White, Obsidian Black and Cherry Red)
It was designed to be smooth round edges so that you will not be poked accidentally

Enhanced wireless that supports up to 802.11n connections.
Talking about internet connection,
who don't need that?

What we are looking for is a world that information flows along our fingertips isn't it?

Never say no to Enhanced Wireless Devices
Dell™ Webcam Central (Star!!)
Not like I'm going to carry along
a portable webcam when I get my laptop running around and chatting with my friend out station~

This advantage is going to be extremely helpful^^
16:9 widescreen format
Do you guys know that the production of square monitor is ceasing?
The rest of our computer screening will be in widescreen format!

Thus this serves the lastest technology
Able to add an optional ATI Radeon™ HD 4330
graphics card
Additional Graphics Card always performs better than a built-in.
It may cost a little bit more but it serves its purpose =D
We certainly don't want laggy laptop~

Isn't that worth?
Able to hook up to a LCD TV for high-definition
cinematic experience.
The ability to transfer images to a bigger screen definitely cool^^

If you wanna watch 2012, won't you want to watch it in wider screen?

Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology for multitasking
The Technology of Multitasking is definitely a must for us!
As simple example, how many Window Explore or Mozilla we usually open per shot?

This should answers the need^^

And I would like to share this video clip with you^^ It's fun~

Cool huh~ The main thing that favor me is that it is a notebook which I could carry it anywhere at anytime. You know what? I'm a civil engineer who travels from site to site. I cannot dominate company computer all the time =D I should have my own private work partner, notebook that could surfs Facebook.
Well, I don't have to promote more for Dell has been well known for its laptops already =P Don't you agree? Besides, I'm writing a blog post, not Advertisement =D But if you wanna know, Dell has been supplying their products to many companies and they are in fact the top listed companies. Even a home user is practicing Dell laptop nowadays. Towards Dell products, no one can really say 'no'. Just in case some of you cannot recall what is Dell, below is the trademark. It could be in any color~
Anyway if you are planning to get a Dell Inspiron 13, I got something for you. There is a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption in Malaysia!! This promotion is only available online or by calling at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 5 Nov 2009.


virginia bed and breakfast said...

These five points are really admirable and superb.Dell pc is also classic.

leo7_lion said...

Thank You Virginia^^ But I really all hope these dreams will one day come true.

Jard The Great said...

haha.. not bad.. might just get the top three in the contest.. gud luck!

Anonymous said... is good..i am using 1 too..

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