One step Further

I thought I was too early for the LRT ride but somehow I met someone who I can spam my time with^^ He is...
Aiks, this picture is so blur =.= Basically, I followed him to KLCC instead of my own destination, Ampang Park. We spam 10 minutes talking craps. Oh, I just realize that I haven't tell you his name =P He is SinTat.

My job today is to print 1000+ A4 today and made them into 11 sets of site reports for meeting sake =.= In the meantime time of printing, "Oops" I smirked. I realized that I have made some minor mistakes while preparing the report =P But I guess it's okay to leave it as it is XD

My table is full of paper tasks. I guess I'm one of the busiest among my friends. But thanks to that, I could spend my time. Somehow, I couldn't revise my Japanese as I planned to =.=

This puncher is working with me just that it will never feel tired like I do. I punch 1000+ papers today and I almost fall asleep.

One thing good about my day is I'm having better relationship with my colleague nowadays. They will smile at me which they never do to others. This is the result of my every morning grand greeting. Haha!

Next, the site manager brought me out. He told me that he is going to teach me something. Initially, I was thinking about learning at site but instead he brought me to lottery center to buy Toto, a lottery. He said "You work at site, you are oblige to buy!" Waw! What a philosophy XD So I bought one number. The lucky numbers are going to be published tonight and if I do not post anything about it, it means I not lucky XD Haha~

A prove of my purchase. Toto can be considered as a contest as well I suppose XD

All in all, today is a fun day. I've booked a set of tickets for my friends to tour Langkawi^^ Well, I love trips but I hate expenditure. How good it is if someone were to pay for my trip =D Anyway, friends come first. Losing money is okay but losing friend is never. My 5th achieve in Top 5 treat list is near^^

My Top 5 Treat List, Read and comment it^^


leo7_lion said...

that toto brings my bad luck! really bad luck! Damn! I shall never buy again!

Më| §zë said...

wah what happened??

leo7_lion said...

My PC got in prob and I lost my data, then foot kena hempit, etc >< Gr!!! I've to redo everything again!!

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