Tennis Tournament

I told you I'm in my lucky mood =P In fact, I was not supposed to be in this tournament as I was late for the registration. Meanwhile, I'm running my industrial training =P Somehow, I was managed to get in there to kick someone off the stage XD Haha!

I got Bronze! It is not gold though, but still I'm satisfy for I don't deserve that initially by law^^ Hehe... It was sponsored by Prince, 100plus, KEC and Milo I supposed.

There are only 3 winners for man single and I've successfully made myself one of them. Great! I just love sponsors^^ The more the better~

One day, I'm going to be in the middle^^ As someone who wants improving, we must always aim for higher level. Agree? By the way, I think Prince should presents Tennis Rackets to us as winners XD Haha~

See? I'm pushing the champion away^^ Nah, it was just a free-style shot but I wonder why all medal holders must bite their medals for free-style shot =.=

Besides the medal, I got free racket grips as well. Meanwhile, the 2 persons on my left said they want my medal XD but let's match again next year shall we?
I'm not the only one winning, my elder sister won too. She is champion for Ladies Single!
At the end of the day, winners get to be pictured. Tennis is indeed a great sports. Everyone should try Tennis^^ (If prince gives me rackets, I will advertise them =P)
~Suddenly, I felt guilty for grabbing someone else's medal XD Haha~
But its ok~ They should bit me if they want it =P
Stunning! Isn't it? I'm in Luck^^

1 comment:

BooNMiNG said...

wow.. you play tennis!! cool man!!

my first tennis serve was sent up to ceiling... lol

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