I have faith^^

I know not the way to express my feeling =D

First of all, I participated a magnificent birthday party which was dedicated to YaChie and I felt it great. Thanks to the organizer Yeelin and MeiNgor. I'm not sure who is the main manager but I believe YaChie was greatly touched by attendees and presents.

Next was my personal being management. I know not how to explain it but it feels like it has been destined to be this way. I can foresee great results behind the mist. Meanwhile, I know everyone is waiting to witness the effectiveness of our new combination.

I suppose I'm a grown up where I shall be able to differentiate between working life and personal life. Nevertheless, I need God to be by my side, giving me opportunities to serve. I need more wisdom, knowledge, faith, love and talents.

I believe in their potentials whereby this is what I should^^

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