I'm looking into it

I have a dream yesterday in WeiHao's place. It was a pleasant dream but I can hardly recall the detail. In this dream, someone hugged me which I felt much comfortable and secured. Who is this person? I'm not going to tell =)

Sometimes, burdens are just too heavy in our lives which we believe there isn't anyone able to share. We can find friends to express our feelings but problems would never be solved that easily. It is this time we need someone to understand us. It is this time we seek constructive opinions. We simply want someone to lift us up when they notice us crying on the street.

In fact, we all know the best solution towards our own problem. Nevertheless, "The chest is us to hold but the key is with someone else" thus the one who holds the correct key shall one day enlighten us in their way. Their encouragement would simply become the best without ourselves realizing we knew it already.

I know you and I are the same. We all cry in heart when we get older where it is no longer the same as when we are kids. I see many friends are crying too...

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