Is it true?

As I was leaving for university from Ampang Park, I came across a guy who claimed himself able to see my future. He must be a fraud! I said to myself. Somehow, I find this interesting which I became willing to spare him some time. Besides, I'm still too early for school eventhough visiting my previous training site has consumed me hours.

I'm looking forward for what he wanted to tell me...

He claimed that my figure proves myself to having a very bright future because I think a lot and consider many things but I suppose everyone is the same... He says I could actually success long time ago which I did not due to 3 weaknesses.

First is I never stay firm in my own plan. Which means I can plan of many things but when it comes to reality, I allow others to take the leads. In fact, I did experienced this for the past few years. I always have a feeling of what is right to strive and what is not. However when someone interferes, my faith stumbled. And thus, the results make me regret. 3 months ago, I came to realize the importance hence promising myself to believe only my feeling for I'd ruined my life betraying myself.

Second is I'm open minded. Which means I share no secret among people. I share everything which makes myself losing yet surrounding people gaining the whole prize. Personally, I don't think this is much a threat but he did stroke me with a sentence of "people taking me for granted". Is this true? He followed by suggesting me not to reveal my ideas which secrets will later craft myself an acknowledgment. I don't want to elaborate further about this point, but in fact I've shut many doors of my heart thanks to somebody.

Third is my temper. Which means I'm short temper but I never reveal it. I can even forget it easily when I wanted to. For this sake, not many people know what I dislike. In reality, I only reveal my true temper to those whom I trust.

This man does impressed me. I never expect stranger to speak something like that. Is he a psychologist? Still, he is a little bit too late for brainwashing for I'd already considered all these matters 3 months ago. He wants me to keep him contacted and you think I will?

At the end of the day, he claims my great luck will come between the months of February and March. Actually, I'm everyday a lucky person already XD I think =)

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