Build and Break Competition

Let's eat before we talk further XD
Once again, I prefer burger but he was nowhere to be found =.=
McD! Can't your burger get any bigger?

Main Story

We just came back from Build and Break Competition and guess what? It was actually organized for 4th year students and we were disqualified~~~~~

Nolar, just kidding~ It really meant for 4th year students ONLY but so happened we participated. Thanks to Dr. Lee for this kind opportunity^^ Anyway, this competition is fun although thing doesn't go as well as we planned.

Basically, we have to construct a structure that able to withstand as much loads as possible with proper dimensions given. We were misled by an invigilator to consider an authorized object into our structure, later it was revealed but it was too late. Speechless~ Really speechless for how we progressed this game. Someone gets poked, someone gets derided~ Still no win…

Quote for today: Construct until fingers blunt, if this doesn’t get appreciated then really wasted… Eh? Who’s blood is this!?

Anyway, we had learnt what we should learn today. May experiences enlighten our path. We still have the bridge competition to go~

On our way back home, in Mr. Tan's Kancil, I found that He is actually... Hm~ No idea if he will read this post XD so better don't write anything about him here. Haha^^

-Update 2/8/09-
I just grabbed some pictures from Yz's FaceBook and now I'm sharing here^^
The competition hall
They provide breakfast but didn't provide a dining area, see how pathetic we are? T.T
From left: Me, TeckWei, Peter and Richard
Just kidding~ They do have a cafeteria.
Just that we didn't realize earlier XD
From left: Me, Yz, Richard, TeckWei and Peter
P/S: I'm the one who took this cam-whoring picture^^ Impressive huh~
Our model design
Our model design from another side view
Ugly betul...
We tried our model strength when finishing
And the result is weight ratio "0.5++"
This is how we finally messed things up XD

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