Revolution of Mr. Pan

Previously about 2 months ago I believe~ I told you guys that my school disallowed us to contact our own preferred company for internship =) Their reason of this decision is that they want to keep a strict record of everything about our industrial training =.= That is certainly not a bad idea after all~

However 2 months later they announced, "We tried to send your resume to the companies somehow they have yet to reply, so you guys must contact your company on your own."

(Oh! A better news than H1N1^^ As recently, most of my course-mates suffer similar illness with H1N1. Flu, Fever, Sore Throat etc)

I think some problem might arise during their postage, my "boss" said that he did not receive any mail from my school. That mail must be lost somewhere.

Anyway they further proclaimed, "When your chosen company had confirm you to have your internship there, come to see me again." Said Mr. Pan.

"See him?! Oh no…"

In our impression, he is someone that we better not to get involved with no matter what. Going to see him is like a disaster but we have no choice. You know what my preferred company said?

"You can just come in, you don't have to go through those weird procedure."

I wish I could but I can’t =.= So I went to see Mr.Pan. To my surprise, he is now so much different from whom he was last time. He became much cooperative and my friend joked “Someone must have complained him”. Haha~ After dealing all necessary stuffs, he requested me to remind him about faxing my resume ‘again’ to the company in the next 30 minutes which I had actually forgotten about it after that. 30 minutes later, he called me. Not rebuking me for not reminding him but instead he said "You forgot to tell me your name lar"

"!!Hahahaha" I'm speechless.

I have to work somewhere like this?Can I work in the office? Hahaha...

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