Sports Carnival Update

Few minutes ago, Martin text-ed me, telling me that my tennis group has been disbanded due to no female player. Haha~ What can I say? The group organization is not under my control anyway XD

In fact, I'm ill since Tuesday. For those who note my MSN personal message, you can see me posting "I'm 120% dead". I'm not joking! Tuesday is the worst day of my life I suppose. I thought that I'm going to die of H1N1. Hehe~ The next day was HanJian(my classmate) Birthday, I swallowed up 4 Panadol ActiFast to keep myself in shape for we celebrated it until midnight. Thursday was even worse, I got tennis training at evening and so I took another 2 (Panadols) yet my head was still spinning during training session. Coming Saturday, there will be a competition and then Sunday, Sports Carnival.

Before I got sick, I was like "Horrey! This week must be fun!" But after that, I was like "Gosh, can I cancel my participation in ____ _____?"

So when I received Martin sms, I was "Yes!" XD God cares for me that He wants me to rest at Sunday^^Before I end, allow me to promote Panadol ActiFast: "Eat too much, Die too fast" Wahahaha~^^~

1 comment:

JenseN said...

better dun take panadol la...
but if really no choice leh,
dun take activefast,
because the effect come very fast, go also very fast..

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