Making a Beam

I was free in the morning.

Then, I went for lunch together with the Malay Employer Engineer. As we were dining, they chatted and they came across a point about the Big Boss (Dato). They were saying that he is strict. Then I inadvertently interrupted "Oh, is XXX that strict? He was okay to me." They stunned, "Is he your uncle?". I said "No~ I know him, he know me. He is the one who place me in this site for training"... Gosh, the environment suddenly changed.

I have no idea what may happen for the following day but please be a good one =.=

One thing that concerned me the most is the Architect Coordinator who always check on my work. I believe he was trying to help. He will come and observes what's with my laptop. Good thing I always do my blog posting, so that it is explained as these are the reports during my industrial work =P
They are moving the bricks. Trying to complete the bricks filling on ground floor.
Btw, it rains alot.
These are my helmet, glasses and beverage.
I brought along this book to study^^ It is the best time for revising I suppose but I fail myself

Then, the Site Manager decided to bring me to the top to see the steel thing just like what he had decided two days ago. I was wondering what steel thing he was going to show me. We climbed to the top. Huh? These? Actually, I was kind of dissapointing, haha...
First of all, I'd known about this including how they should construct and link. Second, in fact there is a construction site just in front of my window blocking my view that KLCC is seen. When the time I moved in, they have been surfacing, piling, framing then building. I mean I've witnessed =P
The person incharge is talking.
He is the Site Manager who brought me up. Now, he was measuring the steel bar.
This including the deep
This is the combination of beam steel and column steel

The steel mesh for slab(floor) was not firm which it shakes and Planner/QS did break so of them with his heavy weight. After 15 mins of surveying their doing, I felt dizzy. The sun was extreme, the meshes were shaking and the structure rekindle my old forbia, which I thought I had counter it already~

Well, at the end of the day, I still think that it is impossible for to do the site =P

Learned/Refreshed: Construction of Beams and Links + Mesh

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