Boring Day

I'm late today XD

The great news is, I'm recovering from sickness and currently more energized to think of ways to spam time efficiently. Not to waste time as well as seeking 'some' opportunity to learn XD

In fact, I started to find this place interesting =P Maybe it was my mental concern that brought me down the earlier days otherwise I would get used to this place even faster. Perhaps, having myself in my isolated office is not bad. I'm able to do anything without disturbing others, such as releasing perfume which never been pleasant to nose XD

Meanwhile, I heard the company that I'm training at is cutting cost. There was electric tripping randomly=.=

The construction manager suggested me to visit the site often when I'm free. Thus to demonstrate what I'd listen. I walked into the site to find suitable places where any contractors could see me passing by so that they can be my witness proving I'm in the site =P (Ish! Another bad lazy idea XD)
Okay, this is the entrance of the whole structure.
This is where I usually hide for sms'ing XD
They are constructing level 5
These workers are constructing the manhole. Actually, they don't use the term 'constructing', they used 'casting'.

MeiMei fetched me to clinic this night to check on my foot. Then...
This update for this event will be done by MahSerene^^

Learned/Refreshed: Construction of Manhole and Method to 'snake' XD

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